Dear White Man.


Dear White Man,

I don’t hate you

The system was made for you.

But let me not forget to mention,

That it was made for my suffering too.

Do not interpret what I say,

only listen to my speech.

Do not look into my words,

see them with your own eyes;

see the way you’re quick to call them lies,

and see how that can be to our demise.

Close your books,

I am your research.

If you hear the words,

that I speak

when I purge.

Me and my brothers,

We scream—

But you can’t be bothered with me.

So don’t say that we’re just yelling,

when you never took the time

to listen to our message.

So when you hear my cries,

feel my pain,

and see the struggle

that I face

On the day to day.

What you mean All Lives Matter, too?

You don’t care if we die, fool!

Shoot us over a few tattoos,

Or for wearing a hoodie in a drive thru.

Man, I’m tired of you—

You can’t see what I’ve been through?

You block me out when I speak through.

You downplay my break through.

But, I don’t hate you.

Since the system was made for you,

you will reach that finish line soon.

And when you do,

you’ll see me standing beside you,

since I have broken the chains

That your forefathers drew.

So, when you reach that finish line,

even if you get there before I do,

don’t let it be a surprise

that I made it there too.


A Black Youth.





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