Unapologetic, day 3: Untwined

This issue we face is the singular presentation of Black womanhood, and the reproduction of that singular presentation. We have moments of multiplicity—our challenge is that they are only moments. Both women in the images are Black women – although their hair textures and styles are drastically different.

Are locs the fitting or appropriate style for the Black woman, or is a weave? Race is constructed and is constantly being created and reproduce; media does so for both whiteness, and blackness.

Which of these women are Black, and how can you tell?


Does “Blackness” exclude the common idea of “good” hair?


The danger we face is that this singular lens may become the only projection of the Black woman, silencing the identities of her sisters. And if one image is projected as a representation of us all, mindless consumption and mindless acceptance of these images and ideas will result.lhhatl.jpg

Will we let this singular story become the truth or will we disrupt this idea of the singular presentation?

Is your performance breaking the mold of singularity?


I am me 

She is me 

Although her hair 

is locked 

And my waves

hang free.

My smile is hers

Her joy is mine. 

Bundles are beautiful

And braids are fine

But she is just as beautiful 

When she is untwined.


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