The Jolt sneak peek

 “Instead of asking these boys to wake up, or wondering ‘when they will notice a good girl when they see one,’

Jolt them awake.

Have no expectation of what they will do once they awaken. (And have no deliberate intention of waking them up to your greatness.)

Jolt yourself, and the situation, by taking it upon yourself to discover and uncover your true worth. 

 What do we want from them? 

To see what we see?

 Or do we want them to see something that we can’t see so that we can reminded be that it’s there?


 If the latter is true, I beg you to ask, do I need this reminder? 

As someone who truly knows herself and her worth you are on bothered by those who do not see the greatness within you. You will readjust your focal point when you encounter someone makes you question what you have affirmed for yourself. They are not apart of your vision. Now be careful to acknowledge that this does not deplete from their worth either, they still have a purpose in this life – they are just simply not apart of your vision.”

The Jolt

– Starr Baker 


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