Black Power

I see the struggle

in your eyes

 as you run around 

walk the town

“fuckin his bitch,”

“hittin these licks,” or even 

hearing that SHIT 

that they put on the news

my brothers and sisters 

you must be confused

we come from the finest

of knowledge, substance, and jewels

but they fail to pump this 

eminent truth into the souls of the black youth…

you are robbed of culture

raped, stolen, appropriated 

but look forward.
When you do,

just don’t let them blind you.

they only teaching their triumph

and thus we’re forced to put our hands up 

and see our innocent Black palms stained by guilty verdict,

See our brother detained detained cause a lady thought that he would hurt her, 

an interaction with an officer turns into a murder.

Dear God,

What is our worth?

And what can we do to preserve it?
at the end of the day

we can always say

our melanin is powerful

cause it is strong to be Black

yes, our power is so powerful, that 

we need to take it back.


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