A Creature of Love

Since love to me is unconditional acceptance
I understand myself deeply
and I accept all the flaws that this body holds
They are the beauty in me
My beauty is in my expression
and also in what I hold internally.
My beauty is the feeling of appreciating myself.
From the stubbornness
to the generousness
and back again.
I love the way I react.
I love the way I view the individual as a symbol of divine power and meaning in this life
I love the way music speaks to me and I retract a message to add to my journey
I am grateful to know.
I am grateful to be.
I am grateful to love.
All of this love that is given to me and received by me
Is that of purity.
Can it be defined?
Well, I do try
But the English language could never reveal the hidden valleys of my mind.
So, trust me now
To hold your heart
And treat it as I do my own
A precious intangible ray of gold.
Gold that continues to stream and to shine…
That creates many allusions to my mind
I am blessed to be a creature of love.
My actions resonate the spirit of giving and receiving.
I am endowed with a pure and loving power, more kindly, an influence.
On all.

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