Black Femininity


Black femininity.

What an epitome

Trifecta of legitimacy.
Black femininity.
What it means
To be careful, but
and still, carefree.
Remember to never pity me,
I’m stronger than you’ll ever be.
If I am not proof of my strength,
then the proof be in my essence;
And if not that,
 then see it in my very presence.
See, many chains that have been placed on me,
some invisible and some obsolete.
None of them are any match for me
When me becomes we
Through the spirit we all breathe:
Black femininity. 
The thread that runs through us all,
coarse and poignant,
sturdy and salient.
And through this thread,
A voice is restored
that tells a story,
written by us,
on our own accord.
We speak on images
Of a true history
and see them as
the root of our present.
it is raw,
riveting, and violent
But we have just begun to tell it –
so waste no time
telling us to be silent.

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