The Ballad of the Voice of Black Power

The screams of his mother

are the screams of my brother.

You have just killed me.

You may not see it in my face.

I have been dying for years.

What gave it away was the muffled cries of my children.

They see what you are doing to me,

and they see how you will do it to them.

 but do you even care?

Do you feel guilty?

Do you see the monster you’ve created?

You think you have created me. 

You think I am the monster.

You have made me think I am the monster.

But I outlive your very conception,

And I’m strong enough to

devour the monster that you are,

Then teach my children the beauty of who I am.

because my God is so gracious,

my children know the truth.

They know about this system,

And they know what they will do.

through them I will never die.

through them I have eternal life.

but what will happen,

if you kill them,

what will happen to me?

My spirit is strong.

but it needs to take form,

it needs to be seen,

it need not cower.

Without them I am voiceless,

Without them I don’t exist.

But that is want you want.

You want me to die.


I am alive.

I have been revived in the very moment that I realize.

You are not strong enough to kill me.

Maybe just parts of me.

And you will think you’re winning.
I know this is just the beginning.

There is a part of me that you have never seen,

a part of me that is unable to be killed

that even if you bury

 will come back to life.

And through my children,

This part of me is born.

You can never kill them.

You can never kill them.

They are human representations

Of Me.

This poem was inspired by and in tribute to the families and lives of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and Dylan Noble. Justice will be ours. More than just another hashtag.


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