In Solidarity with Korryn Gaines

Yo…. This is straight up active resistance. This took not only knowledge but pure COURAGE. Even now knowing what a delegation of authority order is, I would never have the balls to challenge an officer from the driver’s seat in this situation. I myself simply wouldn’t have done this. 
Why? Because I’m afraid of being shot, or I just don’t want ANY problems, which I’m sure is the only reason why you wouldn’t resist if your tags had been illegally removed from your fully insured & inspected vehicle due to a pending case w/ the fed for which you were given an invalid/imaginary case number. Now this is revolutionary. I thought the same thing when the video started: “girl, shut UP! Give him your ID so you don’t freakin die out there!! You know they’d kill you for having all that attitude, FOR QUESTIONING HIM, he’s being beyond nice because he hasn’t killed you already!”
But wow can you believe we have been conditioned to think that way. In an altercation wherein you have not committed a crime, and the offense for which you have been pulled over seemed to have originated from the same source that is pulling you over ??
Knowing the background story really made me think: holy shit. She knows of a document that authorizes police officers to even OBTAIN her ID … & we’re telling her to just hand it over even though she knows she’s within her legal right to question his authority. Many of us don’t recognize this altercation as an expression of our legal rights but it really is. And in fact it sheds light on our complete ignorance to both our legal rights and the fact that we don’t even consider them in situations like this before just handing over our documents. 
Granted she could have done without the attitude but why should she? Other than to avoid a scene of a mad black woman or to avoid her death, which we are responsible for avoiding as young Black people in police encounters. She refused to be toyed with here – she rightfully asked for documentation that she was not ever presented (the cop DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT WAS – what does that say about training?). In this encounter both PEOPLE involved (cop=civilian, not cop/civilian) have equal obligation to each other, but we have a subconscious habit of esteeming police with unquestionable authority just because of the badge they wear EVEN WHEN WE HAVE SEEN EVIDENCE of individual malice/fear/imperfection within the force. They took her keys only after she refused to comply.
Why do we comply? Because we are loyal to the law? Because we trust the officers who have been delegated to serve and protect? Because we believe the officer has our best interest at heart? Because we believe this system was built to protect us, and cops are our friends?
NO. Well I’ll speak for myself. I comply so that I don’t DIE, at this point. I tell Mekhi and Jayden to comply so that they don’t die. We are scared. We have a right to be! But It takes immense courage to be revolutionary and declare: I know my rights and I am not scared of you. This is just what happens when we are more dedicated to the revolution than our own lives. Not saying I am, but, damn. The more you LISTEN TO HER. It becomes very clear what is happening. We’re all scared but SOMEBODY HAS TO DO THIS WORK. To familiarize cops with the idea that they are humans just like us and we deserve presentation of their authorization to serve and protect the community. And that they can’t bully us into giving up our rights. 
We’ve come to the point where we could risk death or injury even if we are respectful and do comply – and your right to live is not contingent upon your willingness to obey a police officer. WTF. What’s wrong with us?
If people are really paying attention, shit is about to get LIT. 
Rest in Peace Korryn Gaines. #SayHerName

WE HEAR YOU. You’re a soldier. 


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