Why is it that there are only two groups of society who are pressured to adhere or to subside especially to those who make them uncomfortable? 
Why are women supposed to be nice, and why can’t we expect that of men?

What do femininity and masculinity really mean?

Have we distorted their meanings to justify societal illusions as fact. We explain masculinity and femininity as mutually exclusive elements, instead of explaining them as coexisting and depending elements with characteristics that blend, complement, and overlap. 
We can grow to explain feminism as a movement or state of being that empowers all people, because the state of femininity in a society, the way it is perceived, the way it is expressed, and the way it is repressed has an impact on all people within said society at one point of their growth. It is a movement that disproves the perceived duality between masculinity and femininity. If femininity is only applied to biological females, then why is it that biological males can express traits or even assume an identity that has characteristics of traditional femininity and vice versa? Feminism is a movement that affirms the overlap of the two elements and their interplay in our society. Masculinity craves distinctness between the two, assertiveness, a clear cut answer; while femininity is willing to spend time in the unknown. 


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