the tips of her hair coil

delicately as each strand twists bountifully from its root

head up –

with the most piercing 

naked eye

dividing the story 

from its origin

and trusting 

the wisdom behind

her eyes to represent 

the melanin

plunging down around her

full facial features 

kissings her plump lips just to dribble down her chin

and swirl around her

stately neck

from which collar

bones stem


to reach the tips of her shoulders

round and stern

sitting parallel to the ground 

that she walked 

with each step her chest 

taps and her breasts freely

express their 

natural prowess

in their purest form

in front of the two eyes 

that are placed carefully

just about reaching 

the crux of her waistline

where the skin travels 

around, cascading a caffeinated  shade of brown 

atop of prominent muscles 

churning and sore 

from all of the strength that it takes to keep the life experience

that this woman may abhor

Starr Baker

April 15, 2015.


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