Who is Starr?

“Stare at the sun and you’ll be looking in my eyes, homie. Stand for something or fall for anything.”CfSgePHUEAIX8ln.jpg-large.jpeg

A 19 year old Black feminist,

who loves to write.

Fell in love with pretty much

all art somewhere along the way.

Here to share my rants in the form of blogs, thoughts in the form of poetry, and turn my research papers into spoken word.  Black Lives Matter, scoop of Black history, love poems, and just random reviews of things in life.

Vast, verbal, and versatile.


Plant lover. Dog owner.

Libra Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Sagittarius Ascendant. (I love astrology.) 😀

Living in the suburbs of DC.


I Am Sandra Bland. Black Lives Matter.

Justice For Trayvon Martin.



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